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Bullet Why MBA/PGDBA?
The invariable question that every B School aspirant will have to answer. Or at least one that every B School aspirant hopes that he gets the chance to answer in a PI. People train for this question. They train hard. But all the training and conditioning falls flat if you aren't honest. This fact is something that few people understand and end up messing their own case.

For some people, an MBA is natural progression to hone the management lessons they have learnt throughout their lives. For others, it is the portal to a great career.

All this boils down to one single thing. An MBA (or any respectable post graduate management certification) is a professional program that helps you discover and develop your managerial skills. But more than developing and teaching these skills, it inculcates and attitude and outlook towards work that would otherwise have been missed out by most people.

There are of course people who vie for an MBA just because of the glamour of it all - The sharp suits, the snazzy pay packages, the lifestyle - all make for a very alluring career prospect. But what most of us forget is that good companies hiring MBAs are no fools. Companies vie for MBAs because in today's world of fierce competition one should have basic management knowledge to work in a company. Hence the importance of an MBA degree in today's corporate world.

MBA is a generalist qualification designed to equip students with an understanding of all the major functions of a business, in some industries the MBA is now not so much a desirable attribute, but an essential qualification.
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